Key Cabinets

Fortress Key Cabinets

Fortress Key  Cabinets offer you superior protection for your stored keys.  Key management is becoming an increasingly more important issue, especially today when the easiest way to steal vehicles or equipment is to steal the keys.  Protect your keys in an ultra secure Fortress Key Cabinet.

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Fortress 120 

Our standard Fortress Key Cabinet gives you protection for 120 sets of keys. Tough ¼” plate steel construction and unique security features ensure your keys will stay put when locked up. A write on / wipe off keyboard will keep your keys organized. The Fortress Key Cabinet mounts to your concrete block wall or can be mounted to the floor using an optional pedestal.

If you have a business where you have to hang your keys on a keyboard to organize them, yet you take them down and lock them in a safe overnight (or worse yet, take them home at night to secure them), then consider this: Even if you can have someone sort your keys in just ten minutes a day, within one year you will exceed the cost of purchasing a Fortress Key Cabinet that will keep you organized as well as protecting your keys!

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ElectroFortress 360 

Holds up to 360 – 1” key rings or 180 – 3” key rings.  Pedestal mounted for extra stability.  Equipped with a high security puck lock for PowerSafe optional failsafe.  Accessible through prox cards, keypad, finger scan recognition or a combination thereof.  Audit trail is easily obtained, and can be equipped in either a standalone version where audit trail is obtained at the cabinet, or via network transmission.

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ElectroFortress 120

Holds 120 sets of keys in a secure, audited environment. This allows you to organize your keys however you see fit, and obtain an audit trail as to who has had access to the cabinet. The 120 hook keyboard has write on / wipe off surface to allow you easy organization. An optional pedestal is available.

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