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Whether you are operating a car dealership, a trucking company or a car rental business you have keys that need to be protected.  KeyKeeper manufacture key safes and key cabinets that make your business more secure, more efficient and provide a better experience for your customers.  

Facilities Management

Facilities Management companies have specialized needs to protect the keys that unlock their most important assets and KeyKeeper offers a wide range of products to secure them.  Whether it is a way to organize and secure keys after hours or a  cabinet with an electronic locking system for larger groups of keys KeyKeeper has been serving infrastructure, government and building management companies with solutions that fit their needs.

Hotels/Motels, Trucking, Taxi, Bus Lines and More

Your business operates 24/7 and you need a secure way to drop off keys and vital documents at all hours. KeyKeeper manufactures key safes and key cabinets with secure built in vaults to protect your key and other vital assets.

Our key safes have been used by a wide range of industries including hotels/motels, trucking, taxi, bus lines, real estate , emergency response and correctional facilities. KeyKeeper products provide convenience to your team and customers when it matters most and save your organization time, labour and provide peace of mind. 

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