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Don’t Drop your Keys without One!

KeyKeeper secure night drop boxes, key drops and Fortress Key Cabinets offer secure key management and asset control for automotive dealers, facility managers, auto rental companies, real estate businesses, police departments, hotels, trucking companies and others where night drops, key control and key lockboxes are a priority.

Throughout North America and beyond, businesses use KeyKeeper key drop boxes and Fortress Key Cabinets to secure their keys and assets. Since 1994, KeyKeeper has provided proven products to help our customers protect their businesses and improve their customer service levels. We welcome you to explore our product offerings and contact us for further information.

Success Stories

“Here are some pictures of our Key Keeper after it was run into by a Range Rover. Some thieves tried to run it over to break in and get the 6 keys that were secured inside. The product lived up to its reputation and held tight. The thieves were not able to get in and get the keys inside. This saved our company $280,000, the cost to replace 56 stolen cars.” – D.McNames, Service Director, Audi Marin, San Rafael CA – U.S.A. (June, 2016)



“After significant research of searching for the best after hours solution for a key drop off at our business for our customers, we decided on the KeyKeeper With sound customer reviews it has earned us increased sales by gaining our customers trust through arguably the best Key vault on the market today. After a year of reliable service we can honestly say the KeyKeeper was a sound investment for our business.” – Urban Automotive, Oakville, Ontario – Canada