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Don’t Drop Your Keys Without One

Your business assets are important. Secure key drop boxes from KeyKeeper ensure your valuables are protected. KeyKeeper night drop boxes, key drops and Fortress Key Cabinets offer industry leading secure key management and asset control.

KeyKeeper’s line of products are ideal for companies of all types, including automotive dealers, car rental agencies, real estate professionals, trucking companies and more. KeyKeeper key lock boxes offer solutions that meet your businesses needs whether it be secure key storage, after-hours key drops and documents, key control or organization.

Businesses worldwide trust KeyKeeper for their key drop box needs. Since 1994, KeyKeeper has designed and manufactured key drop boxes and key cabinets. Our solutions help our customers protect their businesses and improve customer service. Explore our product offerings and contact us for further information.

Let’s work together to keep your business assets safe with KeyKeeper key drop boxes and other products.

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Keys can be dropped off at your business locations with confidence knowing the key safes are rigorously tested to ensure they can’t be tampered with.


Place KeyKeeper key lock boxes and key safes where they are needed and give your customers and employees flexibility to drop keys off without the constraint of limited business hours.


Select one of our existing lock box solutions or work with KeyKeeper to create a solution that meets the unique needs of your business.

Solutions for your key security needs


We make standalone, counter mounted or thru-wall key safes so you can choose the option that works best for your business.

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We built manual entry or electronic access safes giving you flexibility to control how and when secured keys and documents are accessed.  

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Whether it is large quantities of single keys, large groups of keys or regular drop offs of documents, KeyKeeper has a solution to meet your needs.

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“We operate a JFK Airport car rental location in New York, located in the Doubletree Hotel. We had a KeyKeeper installed because we wanted to enable clients to drop off their vehicles securely, 24 hours per day while we securely collect the keys at opening. Using the KeyKeeper Junior is an added benefit for our client credibility.”

Ann Hownald
Image Exotic Car Rentals, New York

“’Awesome System!’ I have purchased 13 of the KeyKeeper XL Withstand units over the past few years for many of our HLE locations and the mechanics are still working like new. If they can withstand our climate, they can survive anywhere — this is one tough, durable & secure product!”

Steve Lewis
District Manager, Hertz Local Edition (HLE), Minnesota

“When we examined our procedures for the overnight drop off of vehicles, we conducted an extensive review of key drop systems and we tested them to see if we could beat them. KeyKeeper was the only system from which we couldn’t retrieve a key. The theft prevention features of KeyKeeper are outstanding and we believe KeyKeeper will ensure our vehicles are protected when they are dropped after hours.”

Darryck Hesketh
Discount Car and Truck Rentals

“We are very impressed by the security features of the KeyKeeper that ensure that thieves cannot get our keys when our customers have dropped vehicles after hours. The KeyKeeper is also very durable; the solid steel construction gives us confidence that our KeyKeepers will be working for years to come.”

William Brucato
Thrifty Car Rental